Uterga to Puente La Reina to Estella.

Woke at 6 and walking at 6:30. Good nights sleep founds a blister on little toe(ouch). Walked early with no water but found some in next village. (Not always so). Some tough up and down hills. Keep meeting the same crew and some new ones. Lots of people but well spread out. Got a room to refresh and start again on cloths.

Night spot.

Long path through cereal fields.

Swallows nesting in church


I have been seeing swallows all day today. They were Linda’s favourite birds. I think she felt free as she saw them soaring and diving. She wondered why they came so far to Europe to breed and nest. She was always trying to take a picture but always missed!!! Today I saw them nesting in a church in Obamos. They seem so free and easy. Linda is now totally free and I think of here soaring in her true home. Not in an airy fairy place or up there somewhere, that people say, but a real heaven because her saviour Jesus promised to take her there when the time was right. I find it hard to be left without her, but like her, I know my Lord will take me in His good time. We are never really free on this earth. We spend our time rushing and storing up so much rubbish that really isn’t necessary. We try to buy happiness but never really find it. I know the peace of true joy in knowing and serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Camino is helping to refocus on what is really important.

Bridge at Puente la Reina

How far do we have to go!!!

Lots of churches at Estella