Hospital to Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

They really know how to party in Spain. I was awoken at 4am with the loudest music I've heard for a long time. I couldn't sleep so got up at 4:30 and walked at 5am. Nice to get an early start. First section beside road but no traffic at that hour. Reached Astorga for breakfast. Nice town on top of hill, took photos and moved on. Long climb to Rabanal at 900m but was all gently uphill so could walk normally. Setup tent in hippy campsite. Only cold shower!!!(refreshing). Nice and cool today and had to put on jumper when I stopped, that's the first time. Landscape changed to trees again from grain fields. More hills to come tomorrow. 

New day dawns

Breakfast number 3

Mad place

Astorga church

Nearer 200 than 300


What do you think is beautiful? 
Everybody's view of beauty is different. 
I think nature is beautiful, all the colours and variety and all sizes. That is why I love walking in nature. But I have to say it, the most beautiful person I know is Linda. She captivated me from the start of our relationship.

I loved her physically , as the song says,"'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections"
Linda was the most beautiful girl in the world, I was so lucky to have her.

I loved her intelligence. When she went to the Irish Bible Instatute to do degree in applied theology. She surpassed me on that front. I fly by the seat of my pants and a large dollop of Holy Spirit. She used to bring home nuggets of knowledge from IBI and shared with me, SEGULA kept me going for weeks. 

I loved her heart. She was always generous and always wanted the best for others. She loved doing wedding flowers, I know which I liked the most but I'm sure if you were one of the brides then yours was the best!!! She loved doing the very best for the big day. 

I loved her directness. She always said it as she saw it, which didn't alway go down too well, with me or others. But she was always honest and true to herself. 

I loved her caring. Our home was always open to strangers that turned out to be good friends. She tried to always see the best in people, not a skill we all have. 

I loved the beauty she created. She would take a stick from the shore and make something beautiful out of it or a bit of sea glass. Her art was beautiful. She would ask me sometimes, what do you think. I always told her the truth, sometimes that didn't go down well but she'd take it and change it and even sometimes I was right!!!

You can't put 36 years of living with the most beautiful creature in the world into words. I miss her but I'm so glad of the beauty she brought out in me. 

What ever you think is most beautiful make sure you care for them or it.

No treasure we have on earth lasts forever but we can store up treasure in heaven. 


Campsite for tonight