Trabadelo to O'Cebreire to Fonfria

Tent wet so took some time to pack up. Walked at 6. Uphill for 4 or 5 hours!!! 1,300m. Had breakfast one at trucker stop. Wanted breakfast two at bar but when I got there it was burnt down. Another hour of climbing. Then it was great. The normal and cake. More hill then finally at top. We moved from Leon region to Galicia. The change is very striking. We are high in the mountains and it could be Ireland!!! Green, cloudy, wet and looking like any wood walk in Ireland. It is a Celtic region so I'm looking forward to meeting the food and the locals. Even the buildings changed. Setup tent and bought a shower for €3. I needed it after the climb and only river swim yesterday. I can eat with the community tonight and not worry about the smell. 

Still no sun at 6.

Very high motorway

No breakfast here


Green as Ireland



As I entered Galicia today I thought of Asterix & Obelix who came from Gallia, region of Western Europe. With my spelling I thought it might have been Galicia. Ok well. It got me thinking of citizenship or where we belong. 

I'm Irish and proud of it. Even though my mum was from Yorkshire I'm still Irish to the core. I love it when we beat the English at anything but particularly rugby. Sorry my English work mates!!! Irishness defines me. 

But we also have a second citizenship when we come to Christ. We are born again into a new kingdom, the kingdom of God. We usually join a church but we are actually part of a far bigger kingdom called the Church of Jesus Christ. 

It might seem arrogant or presumptious to say we are certain of our new citizenship but it's true. I say it humbly, that I am now a son of the King and join heir with Jesus Christ.I'm guaranteed entry to heaven though His blood.

My Irish password was a nice green but it's now burgundy. It proves I'm Irish and allows me to easily travel in Europe. For our heavenly citizenship we don't have a document but our names are written in the Lambs book of life. When I die I can just mention my name and I'll be known. It like booking an Albergue for the night on the Camino. When you arrive you mention your name and they know you!!! 

I'm so glad I have duel citizenship but the important one is not the Irish one!!!


Under 150 to go

Rain started