Viloria to Belorado to San Juan de Ortega.

Woke at 5 and ready to go at 5:40 lifted rucksack on to shoulders and just remember, no sun cream!!!! Start again. Toughest day yet. Long climb to 900m no shade at top for 10KM in heat of the day. Was hoping for a bed but very small town so all full. I’ll have dinner at 7 and camp again. Need a room tomorrow to wash cloths, and me!!

Sleeping spot, on new motorway being built.

Viewers warning

The following paragraph may be offensive to the squeamish, please skip and jump to last section. I didn’t mention this a few days ago because I know the nurses reading would be concerned. The day after the bull running town I stop for breakfast and went to the loo. My urine was purple!!! After nearly throwing up I decided to drink water and see what lunchtime would show. I felt fine. Well still purple. Now what, is my kidney giving up, Googled and no mention of purple apart from a very rare disease. Ok one more shot, wait till dinner time. Still purple!!! Now I’m worried. Doctor, hospital, death? Took a bed and decided to get a doc tomorrow. Then I remember that I drank 2 jugs, yes jugs, of sangria the night before. It was purple. Maybe ? Well after dinner it was back to orange!!!! Phew. And every day since. “Stephen, Stay of the sangria!!!”

Got a bite that I needed to do a bit of surgery on. Leg sore and swollen. Let it ooze for the day. Lot better now.

Not major.

Ok, you can start reading again.

Amazing countryside

San Juan.

Some would say 550km to go, others 200 plus done!!!

I want to be a better person.

I walked with a university student that said he was walking the Camino to learn to be a “better person”. It reminded me of the “Rich young ruler(KJV)” that met Jesus. What must I do to have eternal life he asked. Jesus replied keep the law. The guy replied I have. Then Jesus said “sell all you have and follow me”. The “sell all” is not really the point but the “follow me”. We can never be a better person in our own ability, we always fall short. We can do better things but to be a better person is impossible on our own. When we come to Jesus and admit to have not kept his perfect law and ask for forgiveness, in the sacrifice of Jesus, we then have the possibility of being transformed by Him. Jesus is the “better person” and His life shows through when we walk with Him. I had to tell the student that he is expecting too much from the Camino and he need to first find Jesus.