Arzua to Pedrouzo to Camping San Marcos.

Walking at 6 and found cafe open that early for breakfast. Toast, coffee and orange juice. Good start. Had another two breakfasts later on. 

Came to the river Sionlla at 10km to go. My guide book said "for love of the Apostle, they would clean not only their parts, but also their clothes to arrive into Santiago clean". Well I stripped off and cleaned my parts and my nickers, but all my clothes, that was going to far since I already have wet ones from yesterday!!!!

Arrived at campsite at 3 and setup for the night. It's only 7km to go and I could have kept going but I want to arrive early (before 12) to do the cathedral bit. So one more sleep. Also I can have a hot shower to make sure I really clean, in case I meet people I know and need to hug them. 

Early mist

Again in forests

Washed my parts

Christ alone.

On the eve of arriving into Santiago I was wondering what to write. Then a WhatsApp appeared from my best pal H. I think my whole Camino journey is summed up in this hymn he sent. 


Frank von Christierson©

1 Eternal Spirit of the living Christ,
I know not how to ask or what to say;
I only know my need, as deep as life,
And only you can teach me how to pray.

2 Come, pray in me the prayer I need this day;
Help me to see your purpose and your will,
Where I have failed, what I have done amiss;
Held in forgiving love, let me be still.

3 Come with the strength I lack,
bring vision clear
Of human need;
oh, give me eyes to see
Fulfillment of my life in love outpoured:

My life in you, O Christ; your love in me. 


As I finish my Camino it is only the start of my next chapter. I read a sign a few days ago which said "Live a great story".  I have lived a great story with Linda, the great story continues without her so definitely different but still with the help of Christ it will be a great story. 

With Gods help.